GUTTERFLOWER (new album​!​)

by Peeple Watchin'

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This album was recorded in two rushed days in July 2014 by Jay The Milky at Project Sound, Haverhill, MA. Live, sloppy, mostly first takes. Fuck it, right? For punx only

SADIE - guitar and vocals
MAMBO - bass and vocals
JAKE - drums

special thanks to Vicky <3

CS out soon on Trashy Tapes....


released April 2, 2015


tags: punk Boston



Peeple Watchin' Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: PDX
Got a letter from the northwest yesterday. Inside it said you'd passed away. I felt so sorry for all your friends who knew you better than I did. But I'll always remember your ginger hair, you sliding down the second floor stairs. Coffee pot filled up with beer. I wanna say that we were there, dancing and yelling, side by side. We danced, and we yelled, side by side.
Track Name: Us vs. Them
We're terrified but we're fighting it, we're losing but we'll deal with that. It's a constant bout of panic, we got tricks to help us manage it. Like bathtubs and benzos, long distance phone calls. It feels like we're dying but we gotta keep trying to live! We'll never join them, so pick your poison, gather the coins up from underneath the cushion. Spike your leather, charge your hair, there's got to be trouble somewhere. Let's take the long way like the old days aw can you take me anywhere from here?! We didn't come this far to turn back now.
Track Name: Punched In, Checked Out
I've been waiting for a night like this to come along and save me from the disenchantment of adult reality. We work so hard just to survive, humiliated nine to five. Surveillance cameras document our crimes, the theft we're pressured to commit 'cause we didn't get the lives they promised. So skim their profits any way we fucking can. These are the days between memory and wishful thinking. They call the shots as we watch their fuckin' pockets deepen and did you hear the news?! Relief is on the way. He's got a suit and tie, he's redistributing your pay. Waiting, waiting...punched in, checked out.
Track Name: Rubbish
In that hot and filthy room we drank and played those songs, just the three of us helping each other carry on. Then I got scared of what I felt, I spilled my guts when I should've shut my mouth. I never knew how you felt about it all, til I saw the spraypaint dripping down the halls. I always knew that was a redlight you'd never run, but that didn't stop me from getting way too drunk. I fucking blew it all the night before we left, in the rearview mirror watched a newborn friendship's death. And I never knew how you felt about it all, til I watched you spraypaint "RUBBISH" down the halls. I looked into your eyes, and watched it die. You always said, you always said, you always said it'd never last. And I looked into your eyes and I, I watched it die.
Track Name: Since The Accident
It's been a few years since the accident that changed everything. I shed a few tears for the past but then look for new reasons to sing, my mind's made up. I'm out of luck. Can't say exactly when or how or why the curse struck. But it has stuck with me throughout the years, a sky that's overcast with fear. Now something's got me pinned down to the ground, a grief that has no end, and really no beginning that I can comprehend. I put some coffee on, stare out on the lawn. There's something between me and me, where have I gone...where have I gone wrong? "Be realistic" they said over and over again. "You're the one who's sick girl, what don't you understand?" Some of us give up, some of us move on. Some of us spend our whole lives waiting to become someone. It has stuck with me throughout the years. A body compromised with fear. How can I mend the wounds that can't be seen? Is my flesh a tomb or will it set me free?
Track Name: Buttfuck Hill
Why do I feel like I'm about to die every single second of this miserable life? The anxiety boils in my chest, I'm never getting any rest. Why does it hurt to be alone on this rock, suffering in the junkyard full of all my broken parts? I'm never coming back again. Catatonic panic binge. There's a place in my hometown, they called it "Buttfuck Hill" when teachers weren't around. Older men in pick-up trucks taught me to be ashamed of lust. There's a place behind the park, a frozen stream and rotting couch, where crushed beer cans litter the ground-- foreign coins no longer worth a dime...not in the currency of these times.
Track Name: Baby Jail
I can get so defensive when you try to talk to me about my behaviors and the problems I don't see. I can recede like a wounded animal when your words cause me pain and shame. But I want you to know that I'm grateful for your critiques-- they show me what true friendship means. Thank you for bearing with me, for daring to see the potential in me to grow and learn and be thankful. For keeping me honest, and I'll keep this promise of accountability and responsibility.
Track Name: Heaven (Jack Palance Band)
"I wish there was a heaven but only for the poor. And the rich could not get inside, yeah I'd be guarding the fuckin' door. Up there in heaven, everything'd be sane, and the streets would not be made of gold so there wouldn't be that kind of fucking pain. No one in need, not in real heaven. And if I saw the god they told me about when I was a kid, I'd punch him in the face for letting his children bleed. Up there in heaven, I hope there is a heaven, I wish there was a heaven.... but only for the poor. And the rich could not get inside, I'd be guarding the fucking door. Up there in heaven, everything'd be sane, and the streets would not be made of gold so tehre wouldn't be that kind of fucking pain. AND EVERYBODY WHO GOT A RAW DEAL AND DIED IN THE STREET WOULD FEEL LOVED BY SOMEONE. And if I saw the god they told me about when I was a kid I'd punch him in the face, for letting his children bleed"
Track Name: Patience
Patience is a virtue, patience is a virtue, patience is a virtue...I don't have.... Onleyville, warehouse chill, I could barely look at you. Park the van, take my hand, you said there was somethin' on yer mind. Maybe next time....
Track Name: Last Train Out Of South Weymouth
Living on the edge of life. We watch too many siblings die. No hope in an afterlife. "We're all shooting stars tonight." They ripped you away from me. Before I really got to see the person I knew you'd become. And yeah in a couple years we could have made up, in a couple years. I heard you were making amends the night you died.I heard you were helping a friend the night you died. I heard you apologized for the way you lived your life. So this is mine....yeah you took the last train out of south weymouth, so this is mine...this is mine.