by Peeple Watchin'

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5 songs recorded with Jay The Milky at Project Sound in Haverhill, MA Oct. 2011. Some tapes for upcoming tour with Parasol and getting mastered for a 7" soon!


released October 29, 2011


tags: punk Boston



Peeple Watchin' Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Peeple Watchin'
walkin down the street watchin people but respectfully. bombpops in the july heat wonderin who i'm gonna see!
ol' limpy with the 2-liters and the coathangers. "deaf ninja" rad rob awful man and marissa bedard yeah
van mini market has the nicest lady! 711 can suck an egg! molly monte's got legs from hear to ya-ya but
i wanna fuck those bmx boys...yeah i wanna fuck those bmx boys! people watchin'
Track Name: Get Out Of My Beach Community!
remember that one winter at the bike shop? we were addicted to scratch tickets and slacking off,
morgan won a hundred bucks got us all drunk on the company dime.
remember that one summer in 11th grade i ran away and only made it three days,
eva put me up told me i could bus dishes at her work, but i just gave up.
these are the things i remember. these are the things i can't forget.
remember those self-hateful days sucking dick in the attic between video games?
unable to come to terms with the way we were. fearing our attractions and the fists of their reactions,
or even more, feeling like we weren't supposed to live, to have that privilege.
these are the things i remember. and they don't get any better. these are the things i can't forget.
it's been fifteen years since we were just kids, before this shitty world convinced us of our places at the bottom.
i wouldn't change a thing or who i love. they're mobile banking while i'm taking eight inches of silicone.
Track Name: James F. Collins Square
got nowhere to go got this red red wine in the mornin' i got nuthin not even the time. sugar in my stomach, skin crawlin with grime, only one i'm holdin is this $2.99. take a walk charles river, collapse on the bench, hey scumfuck get lost 'cause i can't stand yer stench when you fuck up you're fucked up it's fucked, you got no luck, watch the suits roll in and the buzz get spent hey. i feel the night air, in JFC square. goin nowhere in JFC square. catch a beat somethin' sweet but it's just a false start. got a lead on the street but i don't wanta party 'cause i'm feelin' old used to being alone, too much to hide still nothing to show. too many numbers no one to call, too many windows not open at all. left onto franklin and right onto aldie, stare through the chainlink as the trains pass right by me in JFC square.
Track Name: Back To Boston
walkin down to the train tracks holding your hand and a six-pack. kiss me like you mean it 'cause i don't ever wanna hafta go back to boston.
Track Name: Asheville Fireflies
just a few more days til i say goodbye to this insanity and hello to that familiar insecurity called home.
we work the late shift and sneak sips on the long walk back alone/from sparkling yuppie hellholes
to a misery all our own. it don't matter what we want 'cause this is what we've settled for.
getting late shooting blanks at fates we'll inevitably know. creepin around screaming at billboards
and pissing in the snow. effort and intention mean shit in this town, they'll run your empty pockets
pull a knife and cut you down without reason without last rites or words. another season passes
and we haven't changed the world, nah, we haven't changed a thing. still, nothing back home can compare to these asheville fireflies