Peeple Watchin'​/​Nona split 7"

by Peeple Watchin'

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comin' March 2012 on Get Better Records/Square of Opposition/My Parents'/Behind Punk


released March 23, 2012

recorded one day in january by sean morris in west chester, PA. mastered by dan randall at mammoth sound.


tags: punk Boston



Peeple Watchin' Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: I'm Still Here, Asshole
I wanna scream "FUCK YOU ASSHOLE, your words don't hurt me" but they do. I wanna say I'm tough as nails, I can handle it, but that's not true. 'Cause your masculinity eliminates me every day. 'Cause your masculinity intimidates me every day. Call me a faggot one more time and I'll fucking stab you and all your shitty friends say that it's just a word and I should lighten up, but if you spent one second in my shoes you'd keep your fucking mouth shut. I wanna walk all over town dressed the way I feel, but constant threats from violent men remind me of what's real. You make me invisible. You make us invisible.
Track Name: Closet
You got a closet, you call it a room. There's a window on the gutter and you call it a view. It's been a few months since the sun came through, that endless gray it just looks down on you. The neighbors don't think much of you with your bad posture and dumb tattoos. Had a job but it didn't last long, had a partner and they're long gone. The sky could break any second on the way to work ya can't bear to be soaked through talking to those jerks. At the end of the day you're lyin' awake...did the good intentions outweigh the mistakes? Your friends are nowhere to be found. How will you ever make your family proud. You're a fucked up queer hiding underground, you've been fucked with, beat up, and passed around. When you've been living in the margins for so fucking long that it's the only place you're ever gonna belong...when you're convinced you're worthless, mustve been born wrong, and no one could love such a sorry one...when it's too late to call and the liquor store's closed....flashing back to abuses that nobody knows....feeling ashamed of the life that you "chose"....pull the gun from your head 'cause it's not time to go.
Track Name: Rainbow Water
Drinkin' dinner from a can, passed out in my boots again, another night spend doing nothing much of anything. Can't cast the grief aside, earn my keep or stay inside. Bones are freezing and days are leaving but barely worth goodbyes. Passing puddles on the sidewalk reflecting glimpses of the old haunts, filthy rainbow water daydreams, the long-gone punk house up on ridgemont. Lots bought up left squandered, vacant. Young punks carry smallpox blankets. Refuges for lonely vagrants flipped for million dollar pavement. And as we turn this place into stripmalls for the rich, we'll blame everything but the stripmining lifestyles that we live. 'Cause rad bookstores and vegan food raise the property values. Can't deny we gentrify but what else is there to do? And it goes on and on and on, we fuck it up and move along. Seeking solace in these songs, scream sanctuary from our wrongs. Is it the suits that we despise or our own image in their eyes? Return a glimpse of our decay. We fuck it up and flip the blame... and it goes on and on and on we sing these songs and move along.......