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It's been a few years since the accident that changed everything. I shed a few tears for the past but then look for new reasons to sing, my mind's made up. I'm out of luck. Can't say exactly when or how or why the curse struck. But it has stuck with me throughout the years, a sky that's overcast with fear. Now something's got me pinned down to the ground, a grief that has no end, and really no beginning that I can comprehend. I put some coffee on, stare out on the lawn. There's something between me and me, where have I gone...where have I gone wrong? "Be realistic" they said over and over again. "You're the one who's sick girl, what don't you understand?" Some of us give up, some of us move on. Some of us spend our whole lives waiting to become someone. It has stuck with me throughout the years. A body compromised with fear. How can I mend the wounds that can't be seen? Is my flesh a tomb or will it set me free?


from GUTTERFLOWER (new album​!​), released April 2, 2015


tags: punk Boston



Peeple Watchin' Boston, Massachusetts

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